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Greve for children

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Greve has a lot of exiting and funny activities for children. If you want action and fun or if you prefer cultural things at one's leisure, you'll find experiences in Greve all year round. Here you'll find activities, where the whole family can be entertained and challenged.

Greve has a lot of activities for the whole family. Here you can read about what Greve has to offer you.

Mosede Fort

Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18 tells the story of Greve’s influence on the Danish neutrality defence during WW1. In 1915 the Danish army built Tunestillingen, a defence line from Mosede Fort to Roskilde Fjord with shooting bunkers, trenches and barbwire blockade. From this defence line thous...

Greve Svømmehal

We look forward to seeing you at the swim centre Greve Svømmehal. Lanes for fitness swimming, diving boards, towers, baby pool, fitness centre, water gymnastics and an outdoor playground are just a small selection of the facilities offered by Greve Svømmehal. In addition, a large number...

Kildebrønde orchard

Right between Kildebrønde and Greve Landsby, you will find the orchard Kildebrønde Frugtplantage. With its 33 hectare, the orchard offers both pick-your-own fruit, roadside fruit sales and a farm shop in the summer and autumn as well as Christmas tree sales, Christmas bazaar and Christmas ...

Have fun in Greve

If you enjoy having an active holiday, you can enjoy cable cars, ski piste and a big children playground. You can also go to Roskilde and be a wiking for a day, take a look at animals or visit a farmhouse in Ishøj animal park

Minijernbanen i Hedeland Roskilde

Brandhøjbanen is a mini railway located in the recreational area of Hedeland close to Roskilde. The big model trains running on the 1200 m long track ...

Ishøj Animal Park

A tour of the green countryside around Ishøj should include a visit to Ishøj Wildlife Park near Tranegilde. Formerly, the area was used by Copenhagen ...

Greve Museum

Greve Museum is a beautiful old Hedebo farm surrounded by a lovely garden. The exhibitions focus mainly on ruralige from c. 1800 and c. 1900 suburb d...

Hedeland Vintage Railway