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Historical Greve

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Greve offers plenty of opportunities to experiences for adults and children. Experience the old Hedebo Farmhouse and see the collection of paintings and interiors dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. And in in Mosede Fort you can experience the daily life of the soldiers during WW 1.

Great experiences for everyone

Greve has a special history about Denmark during the World War I, where it was a part of the neutrality defence in Denmark. 1915 the Danish Army began to plan the Tune-Position, a defence line from Køge Bay to Roskilde Bay with trenches, caves and barbwires. In the terrain you can still see vestiges of the fire caves. Mosede Fort is a part of the fortification and on the 6th August 2014 the Exibition "On the Edge of War" about the Danish neutrality defence will be opened.

Mosede Fort

Mosede Fort, Denmark 1914-18 tells the story of Greve’s influence on the Danish neutrality defence during WW1. In 1915 the Danish army built Tunestillingen, a defence line from Mosede Fort to Roskilde Fjord with shooting bunkers, trenches and barbwire blockade. From this defence line thous...

Greve Museum

Greve Museum is a beautiful old Hedebo farm surrounded by a lovely garden. The exhibitions focus mainly on ruralige from c. 1800 and c. 1900 suburb development. Greve Local Historic Archive, a part of Greve Museum, serves as the comunity's common knowledge. The museum's permanent exhibit...