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Nature and Beach

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When visiting Greve you have plenty of possibilities to make up a holiday with content and relaxation. Greve has a lot of beautiful and varying natural resorts with small forests and paths, white sand beaches and cosy harbour surroundings. You can also relax on the white and wide beaches.


If the sucess of you holiday depends on beaches and the sea, you have come to the right place. Greve offers 8 kilometres of wonderful sandy beaches.

The sea makes it possible to pursue all kinds of activities. For yachtsmen and everyone else who enjoys the twinkling of the sun in the water in the morning, Greve's harbours provide the perfect atmosphere. Visit the cosy, evocative harbour in Mosede or experience a genuine marina atmosphere in the beautiful and modern yacht harbour in Hundige.

Nature experiences

Greve invites you to a lot of nature experiences. For instance a lot of exiting activities is waiting for you in Hedeland Nature park, an old area for the extraction of loam and grit, which has been turned into a 15 qm2 large nature- and sparetime area. Hedeland has a flood of activities for both children and adults; canoe sailing, golf, veteran railway, a large play ground, cable car and a 1,3 outdoor fitness lane - and children as well as adults are invited to explore the landscape on foot or bike.


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