Aktiv i Greve

Be active in Greve

Photo: Niclas Jessen

Greve has many activities and experiences for the active tourist. For example, the 15 km2 unique nature site Hedeland, the nature around RævebakkenKarlstrup Kalkgrav, several golf courses and fun water activities.

Activities in Greve 

If you like water, then don't miss an experience in Greve Swim Centre or visit in the beautiful Karlstrup Limeston Quarry.

There is also a possibility to experience the beach unter the water - for instance you can rent a canoe or explore the area around Greve with diving gear and instructor. 

You can also play golf or explore the wonderful and varible nature and exiting activities on a bike.

Greve Svømmehal

We look forward to seeing you at the swim centre Greve Svømmehal. Lanes for fitness swimming, diving boards, towers, baby pool, fitness centre, water...

Greve Golf Club

Greve Golf Centre welcomes you to a unique experience with focus on high quality and challenging golf. The course is situated near the city of Roskil...

The limestone quarry Karlstrup Kalkgrav

The limestone quarry Karlstrup Kalkgrav is a popular excursion spot for locals and tourists. The limestone quarry, which formed several million years ...

Bicycle holiday in Greve

Enjoy the view from the bike along Køge Bay or take a trip to Roskilde and discover the beautiful nature reserve Hedeland on the way.

Hedeland Recreational Resort

Hedeland is a large natural resort of 15 m2 created in former gravel pits. The area runs through three counties (Høje-Taastrup, Greve and Roskilde) wi...

Ski slope in Hedeland

The ski slope at Hedeland is Denmark’s largest alpine ski facility and has all the amenities associated with alpine skiing. The ski slope is locate...


Greve below the surface of the sea