Only 10-minute drive north of Copenhagen you can find the oldest amusement park in the world.

Located in the woods of the Deer Park, Bakken is a unique amusement park, which offers a historic and nostalgic venue combined with modern and fun amusements and thrill rides.

The park offers a perfect blend of children’s amusements. You will find a wide variety of restaurants, ice cream parlors, fast-food shops and pubs, and bars with entertainment and live music. Bakken is not just a small children’s amusement park but a place of leisure for the whole family.

Many Danish families have been coming back to Bakken for generations. Bakken’s longest-standing visitor is, however, Pierrot. The well-known white-faced clown, who visits Bakken every day, has been a hit with the amusement park’s youngest guests for more than 200 years. Still, the main attraction for most is the park’s many fun rides, including an 82-year-old wooden rollercoaster. In total, the park presents a choice of 32 rides for all ages and levels of thrill-seekers as well as 78 other attractions such as shooting stalls, gaming arcades, and much more.

You can also experience Harvest Week at Bakken and the Christmas season.  

During Harvest Week, there will be a lot of entertainment on stage, a hay bale maze, face painting, a scary Halloween area, Bakkens Food Tour, Pentathlon, games and rides, fall-inspired food, and much more.

For Christmas, the old amusement park is decorated with trees, snow, and Christmas lights. Here you will find Denmark’s largest mistletoe, meet Santa, a Christmas Market, Pentathlon, Christmas dinners, Bakkens beer experience, live music, and much more.

And remember. The entrance is free.