Art and Culture

Greve has a lot of art and culture experiences. The city has exiting art galleries, where you can meet the local artists and buy unique handicraft. The music and theatre house Portalen has more than 200 cultural events a year, which gives you a good chance to find a concert or an event you'll like. 

Mosede Fort

Mosede Fort

On the 6th of August 2014 the exhibition "On the Edge of War" was opened in the new renovated casemate on Mosede Fort. Here it is possible for children and adults to experience different situations from the daily life during the First World War.

Portalen Theatre and Concert Hall

The Theatre and concert hall offers a comprehensive programme by Danish and international artists. 

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

At ARKEN you can experience modern art and contemporary art. Explore the exhibitions and experience the exciting architecture.