Nearby Copenhagen and Roskilde

If you are staying in Greve, there is a lot of experiences in store for you just round the corner. It is a matter of only 20 minutes by S-train to get from Greve to Copenhagen or Roskilde. Take a trip to Copenhagen, enjoy Strøget, see cruise ships and enjoy an ice on Langelinie and visit Tivoli. Or visit Roskilde or experience the Viking ship museum and the nice god atmosphere in the cousy shopping street. Staying in Greve, the most places are nearby, and when you come back to a trip to the capital, Roskilde or eht environs, it is nice to have time for a quick dip on the beach or enjoy Hedeland Nature Reserve and summon energy for the next trip.

Experience Copenhagen

With only 20 Minutes by train to Copenhagen, Greve is near by Tivoli, the Little Mermaid and some other attractions in Kopenhagen.

Royal Guards Amalienborg

Top 10 Copenhagen attractions

The largest attractions in Copenhagen are located within walking distance of each other. Here are the most-visited attractions in Copenhagen.


Tivoli is a must-experience for both children and childish adults, who visit Copenhagen.

Experience Vikings in Roskilde

Spending you holiday in Greve makes it easy to visit the old viking town Roskilde, with a lot of opportunities to entertain children and adults.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

At ARKEN you can experience modern art and contemporary art. Explore the exhibitions and experience the exciting architecture.