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When visiting Greve you have plenty of possibilities to make up a holiday with content and relaxation.

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Be active in Greve

Greve has many activities and experiences for the active tourist. For example, the 15 km2 unique nature site Hedeland , the nature around  Rævebakken...


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Art and Culture

Greve has a lot of art and culture experiences. The city has exiting art galleries and the music and theatre house  Portalen  has more than 200 cultur...

Nature and Beach

When visiting Greve you have plenty of possibilities to make up a holiday with content and relaxation. Greve has a lot of beautiful and varying natural resorts with small forests and paths, white sand beaches and cosy harbour surroundings. You can also relax on the white and wide beaches.

Historical Greve

Greve offers plenty of opportunities to experiences for adults and children. Experience the old Hedebo Farmhouse and see the collection of paintings and interiors dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. And in in Mosede Fort you can experience the daily life of the soldiers during WW 1.

Greve for children

Greve has a lot of exiting and funny activities for children. If you want action and fun or if you prefer cultural things at one's leisure, you'll find experiences in Greve all year round. Here you'll find activities, where the whole family can be entertained and challenged.

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There are plenty of opportunities for spending the night in Greve. You can spend your holiday at Hundige Beach Family Camping or stay at one of the lo...

The Gastronomical Greve

After a day with a lot of new impressions and experiences. Greve has a lot of unique restaurants and cafés, which are ready to go the extra mile for y...

See our tourist guide 2019 - 2020

Here you can see our tourist brochure "Experience Greve 2019 - 2020" with lots of inspiration and practical information.

Nearby Copenhagen and Roskilde

If you are staying in Greve, there is a lot of experiences in store for you just round the corner. It is a matter of only 20 minutes by S-train to get...

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Shopping in Greve

Visit one of Denmarks biggest shopping centers, Waves or go shopping in one of the shops on Strandvejen.

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